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Paris Design Week: Kellogg’s art exhibition cleaning by KLIN France

‘Reductive Art Exhibition’, an art exhibition which toured London and Paris. In Kellogg's most recent advertising campaign, Michelle Wibowo accomplishes the seemingly impossible by crafting a sculpture of London's iconic Tower Bridge entirely out of sugar.

kellog's reductive art exhibition cleaning paris

Kellogg's enlisted Wibowo to create this masterpiece as a central component of their "Reductive Art Exhibition," a traveling exhibition set to visit both London and Paris. The exhibition, titled "A Story of Salt and Sugar," presents the artistic contributions of eight different artists, all in support of Kellogg's commitment to reducing sugar and salt content in their cereals.

kellog's art exhibition cleaning service klin france

KLIN France participated in this art exhibition by cleaning the premises before the inaguration, during the exhibition and after the art exhibition.

art gallery exhibition cleaning klin france

We are thrilled to be participating in Paris Design Art Week, where our cleaning service plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall visitor experience.

post event cleaning service paris klin france

Our work is equally vital in ensuring that our clients can return their premises to the gallery in a spotless condition, guaranteeing the return of their deposits. KLIN France is your best ally in your events, we are flexible, realiable and profressional, you won't regret trusting us.

post event cleaning service paris kln france

The Post-Event Cleanup Challenge:

After hosting a successful event, you should be able to focus on relishing the memories and celebrating your accomplishments, not worrying about the cleanup. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a wedding, a birthday bash, or any other event, the cleanup process can be overwhelming. From discarded decorations and empty bottles to food remnants and general debris, there's a lot to handle.

Our Comprehensive After-Event Cleaning Solution:

At KLIN France, we've designed our after-event cleaning service to alleviate your post-event stress.

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