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Le Nom avec Amour arrived to Le Marais! Time for a deep cleaning before the store opening by KLIN Fr

Paris, a city where the fashion and style is in every corner and where every day a new store is opening. But did you know that before every store opening there's an amazing load of work that goes from finding the right place, negotiating contracts, getting the right contractors to build up the idea, logisitcs and suppliers. Now we want to share with you how we participate for the big opening of Le Nom store in Paris.

Store opening cleaning service Paris the best cleaning service for your big events klin france

Before the store opening we clean everything inside out and upside down, we repeat the cleaning to ensure all the dust from the renovations is gone.

Behind the scenes of a store opening cleaning service. Klin France

A well prepared store includes not just beautiful decoration, but also a clean space to receive the clients, and believe us when we say it feels different after the deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning after renovations for a store opening in Paris
Deep cleaning

store window cleaning before store opening
Commercial cleaning by KLIN France

Working for a store opening is amazing, it is the kind of project that we get to see when we pass by and it's cool to say HEY I cleaned this store before the big opening!

Le nom avec amour handmade bags, store cleaned by klin france in paris

We want to wish the best to Le Nom avec amour, we wish them to keep opening stores around the world and be super successful

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