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Klin France 2022!

Klin France started in September 2021, little by little we had been grow like CRAZY, it has been like a rollercoaster!

So here some of the highlights of our 1st year journey.

Our first year we were providing our cleaning services mostly to expats in Paris who required us to help them with the move in/move out cleaning of their apartments, then some of them hired us to keep working with them with our recurring cleaning service, they were very glad to find a company who provides an amazing customer service, like the one they are used to receive back in their countries like the United States or Canada. We were so happy to hear that our way of working was being paid by having more and more happy customers who recommended us with their friends and families.

During 2022 we had very good surprises too, we passed from working just with residential cleanings to work cleaning pied à terres and commercial cleanings. Our biggest highlight was that we worked for Casablanca Paris during the Paris Fashion Show Week, we supported their team cleaning daily their studio where we were able to see how the behind the scenes work, and let me tell you it is AMAZING!

At the end of 2022 we worked for AESOP, they opened two new stores in Paris and they reached to us to help them cleaning their stores before the opening, it was also very riching to see how the behind the scenes of opening a store works, it is a job that takes a lot of effort and planning.

We just want to say THANK YOU to all the clients who trusted our service and who recommended us, your are THE BEST CLIENTS EVER! 2023 here we go!

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